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SEO is Important, Even if You Don’t Sell Online

When most people think of search engine optimization, they think it is only for businesses who sell their products and services online. According to Chris Sherman, an SEO expert, nearly two thirds of customers perform an online search for what they’re looking for offline. Of those people, nearly half will purchase what they were looking for in the store. These numbers alone, prove that internet marketing and SEO are worth taking a look at, even if you are not an online store.
In the United States, less than 10% of sales take place online. That number is growing, but even so, offline sales are still king and will be for a while. However, most people who purchase goods and services offline are also performing online research before buying. Online searches lead to phone calls and store visits, and phone calls and store visits often lead to purchases. This reason, alone, should be enough to encourage any business owner to invest in good SEO Packages.
Many SEO experts are calling this the ROBO effect, which stands for Research Online, Buy Offline. To put a price on this practice, in 2007, ROBO effect purchases equaled about $500 billion, and online marketing firms are projecting it will continue to grow. Take advantage of this effect by establishing an SEO Cost.
You may be looking at SEO Pricing quotes from different agencies and wondering if you should start investing more in your online marketing. Unfortunately, the downside to this practice is that it’s hard to measure just how much your website correlates with your actual sales. Even so, having even a small presence online can and will drive customers to your business.
Larger companies seem to be the ones who are taking advantage of quality SEO Packages and using them to help drive their in-store sales, but they generally have larger budgets and can afford to explore more advertising venues than small- and medium-sized businesses. But there is something smaller companies can do, even if a glance at SEO Pricing scares you away from even thinking about the internet.
If nothing else, create a website and determine an SEO Cost. Write blog posts about your store and what you’re selling, and invite customers to get involved. Post your phone number on the website and take phone orders – this will definitely increase your sales. Make sure your brand is on your website – the same type of branding you use in your store. Post pictures and videos – anything that will bring more customers to your website and keep them there. The more you update your site with quality material, the better it will do in the search engines, and the higher you rank in the search engines, the more people will visit your website and hopefully, eventually your store. You can also use social media to promote your store and website.


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